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Ragged tooth shark rips apart diver’s arm in SA aquarium [graphic video]
Posted by on Feb 10th, 2016

When was the last time you went to an aquarium and stood in front of the big predator tank watching the sharks cruise past the window. It’s a great experience and you often see divers in there either feeding them or doing maintenance under the assurance that the sharks are well fed and a low risk. It’s not always the case though as captured in this video of a Ragged Tooth shark doing some serious damage to the arm of a diver at the aquarium in Durban. The diver was trying to assist the pregnant shark when it grabbed his arm.

shark attack durban aquarium

Warning – there is graphic footage of the diver’s bleeding arm after they pull him from the water.

As far as i know the incident happened a few years ago, but the footage is doing the rounds now only. I’m guessing that is at uShaka marine world.

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