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Creepy footage from haunted abandoned hospital in SA goes viral [video]
Posted by on Jan 26th, 2016

Footage from a group of amateur ghost hunters in an abandoned hospital in Kempton Park is doing the rounds after a mysterious figure was captured on video. The hospital is apparently haunted and attracts many paranormal enthusiasts. I watched the video yesterday, but gave up after 10 min until someone told me i need to keep watching.

Cut to the 9min 30 mark and press play.

Nearly crapped my pants.

Ok so that is an old video from 2013 so dunno why it’s doing the rounds again.

According to several local people from the area, the old Kempton Park hospital is definitely dodgy and many eye witness sightings of ghosts etc have been reported.

kempton park hospital

I dunno hey…seems like it would be easy to fake that, but either way i won’t be going in there anytime soon. The hospital i often used as a filming location.

Now you know.

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