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The ultimate fail compilation for 2015 is here [VIDEO]
Posted by on Jan 7th, 2016

Better late than never hey, but here is the huge fail compilation for 2015 to get you through the last hour of work. At the end of last year i posted several best of 2015 compilations, but it took a while for them to put together the best fail compilation 2015 since they broke it up into two parts and only released the second one this week. So here you go. 35 min of humans failing during the course of 2015.

Like this chap. Letting a freshwater crayfish clamp down on your nipple is never gonna end well.

fail compilation 2015

Here’s part 1.

And the second part.

Some motivation for 2016…don’t end up in one of those compilations.

Good times.

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