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Here’s a Hoverboard catching on fire while the owner was riding it [video]
Posted by on Jan 4th, 2016

Did you get your kids or yourself a Hoverboard for Xmas? Those new two wheel boards you stand on and just lean to make it go forward or backwards. Well you may wanna have a look at this latest video of one catching fire in Los Angeles while the owner was riding it. Several retailers have recalled various models of Hoverboards and there have been numerous reports of them catching on fire and this is the latest incident where someone filmed it happening.

So heads up if you do own one.

hoverboard catches fire

Here’s the footage. There was a policeman nearby when it happened.

And that wasn’t a cheap model apparently. This was a $600 model.

Wonder if there have been any incidents of a Hoverboard catching on fire in South Africa? Lemme know if you heard of it happening here.

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