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King Price offers ground-breaking cheap car insurance with premiums that decrease monthly
Posted by on Dec 14th, 2015

Not sure when the last time was that you took out car insurance, but for most people it’s such mission to go through all the options out there. They are all technically the same, but not really because some are cheaper and some offer cash back or no claims bonuses etc. so you need to do your research. Either way it’s is one of those things that seems like a waste when you don’t need it, but a massive relief when you do. Took me ages to find car insurance that I was happy with and touch wood I havn’t had to claim anything in years. I do wish though that the first-of-its-kind car insurance from King Price was around as an option because I would have seriously considered it. Did you know that King Price offers ground-breaking comprehensive car insurance where your premiums decrease every month? actually pay less every month to correspond with the depreciating value of your car.

king price

It’s no secret that the car you own is worth less every month, so why shouldn’t your premiums be too. And you don’t have to remind them either…your premium will decrease every month automatically.

King Price recently teamed up with Digital Custard and challenged them to a have a go at racing game Burn Out Paradise to see if they could damage their in-game vehicle without completely wrecking it and then worked out the real world Rand value of the damage. No surprises that the costs are rather substantial and would be a serious dent (no pun intended) to your bank account if you didn’t have insurance. Check it.

Ya hey, that happens in real life so best you be prepared. My mate came out of church on Sunday to find that someone slammed into the side of his parked car and drove off. Over R10 000 in damage. Luckily he had insurance.

So if you don’t have any car insurance then you better start looking around and you can start with King Price. If you already do have car insurance then at least now you can compare it and have an alternative. Super cheap and your premiums will decrease monthly.

Go check out the offer HERE and get in touch with them.

Now you know.

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