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#MissionSamsung – introducing the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 Speaker
Posted by on Dec 11th, 2015

A few weeks back I had the privilege of reviewing the majestic Samsung 4K SUHD TV and today I get hands-on with another piece of cutting edge technology from Samsung. I stated previously that I don’t often get to review high tech gadgets so the chance to experience flagship products is a rather new experience. When they said i’d be reviewing a speaker my initial thoughts were pretty much as you’d expect, a traditional box shaped or long sleek speaker that produces quality sound. What more is there to a speaker right? I could not have been further off the mark. I was completely unprepared and my idea of what a speaker should look or sound like were clearly way behind the clear leader…the state-of-the-art Samsung Wireless Audio 360® Speaker.

(cue dramatic space intro music)

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 Speaker

Yes those are speakers. As the name suggests the Samsung Wireless Audio 360® Speaker is a wireless product that produces 360 degree sound allowing you to hear great quality sound from anywhere in the room. So unlike regular speakers this one creates onmi-directional sound. That’s just a fancy way of saying if you place it in the centre of a room it emits sound in every direction so you never have to find the best spot. Everywhere is the best spot.

I’m not gonna get too technical so will just give you a brief run down of the key features based on design, sound and wireless capability. More of a average persons perspective than that of an expert.

Design: as is plainly evident the speaker is rather unconventional with it’s spaceship type design that comes in the choice of a black and white body. Very modern and minimalist in appearance, the smooth curves are interrupted only by silver trimmings and a sleek chrome stand. There’s a tweeter at the top and the ring radiator that produces the onmi-directional sound just below the touch sensitive controls that includes a light display that changes colour when you touch any of the controls.

Sound: rather tough to put into words what the Samsung Wireless Audio 360® Speaker sounds like especially given my lack of audio experience or proper testing equipment so you’re just going to have to believe me when I say that it is superb. It really does produce the same high quality sound wherever you are in the room and even at high volume there is minimal distortion.

Wireless capability: as one would expect from a top end product the Samsung Wireless Audio 360® Speaker has the ability to connect to your home network and features multiroom technology allowing you to link it with numerous other devices like other speakers, your Samsung tv and smart devices. It is controlled via the downloadable Multiroom app which has a whole host of features like searching and streaming music, but there is still the option to use the touch-sensitive controls on the speaker itself if your prefer being old school.

Ok enough of me talking, words don’t do the speaker justice so have a look at the video to get a more visual idea of what the Samsung Wireless Audio 360® Speaker offers and what you can expect should you choose to bring this outstanding auditory experience into your home.

I want one.

If you’re interested in more info and a detailed list of features, specifications and closeup images go have a look HERE.

As far as speakers go the Samsung Wireless Audio 360® Speaker is about as close as you will get to audio perfection.

Good times.

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