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The SA demerit system for drivers to begin in April 2016
Posted by on Dec 9th, 2015

It’s been in the pipeline for ages, but the Department of Transport has given a new date for the implementation of the demerit or points system for drivers in South Africa. Apparently the demerit system is to begin across the country from April 2016 onwards. They said the same way back in 2012, but this time the transport department has launched a road show to go with the new date (insert eye roll). If you didn’t know…the driver demerit system is basically a points based fine system where all drivers will start off with zero points. Various traffic offences have a corresponding points value and once your points go over 12 your licence gets suspended. Every point exceeding 12 points results in a three-month suspension of the licence. One point is reduced every three months if no further contraventions occur within the three-month period. Your licence will be cancelled when it has been suspended for the third time.

driver demerit system

That’s basically a screenshot of driving infringements, the fine value and how many demerit points will be added. Here’s a breakdown of the types of penalties.

driver demerit points

driver demerit 2

I’ve said this before…no idea why driving under the influence is only 6 points. Wanna lessen drunk driving in SA then that should be a straight 12 points.

Anyways. You can go see the full list of infringements and penalties at Mybroadband HERE.

Will let you know if they actually follow through on the April 2016 implementation date.

[via Arrive Alive]

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