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Woolies customer claims to have found a condom in a chicken sandwich [pics]
Posted by on Dec 8th, 2015

It wasn’t very long ago that social media had a field day with an incomplete Woolies display and yesterday they trended again after a customer claimed to have bitten into a condom in their Woolworths chicken sandwich. Twitter user Jayden posted the following to the Woolies account. It should be mentioned at this point that the claims havn’t been verified yet and are being investigated.

woolworths condom

Here’s a close-up because i know you want to see that while eating your breakfast.

woolies condom

‘Now with increased fill’. Ha.

Of course social media jumped on that with several users throwing in their 2 cents.

The Woolworst_SA parody account threw this out.

woolworst condom

Others voiced their disgust, asked if it was salty or stated that it was rather cheap given the current price of Durex condoms.

Woolworths did reply and asked for contact details so they could respond immediately. Jayden did later say that “yes Woolworth is cooperating with me and sent me to dr and took the sandwich for investigation”.

Will let you know the outcome (no pun intended..ok maybe just a little).

And this comes (sorry) so soon after someone spotted a Woolies Christmas snack hamper with cock in it HERE.

[via @mkhontokayise1]

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