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Conservative mom goes viral after posting a pic of her son’s sex toy [pics]
Posted by on Nov 30th, 2015

This is what social media and the internet was made for. A conservative mom having no clue what something is and asking the internet for help only to find out she posted a pic of her teenage son’s sex toy. Her follow-up posts were equally glorious and she became an instant internet celebrity. When she posted the pic she had just 117 followers.

The responses to this post was hilarious.

mom finds son sex toy

Haaha. At first Patty had no clue what was going on.

patty parsons

Then people told her it was sex toy. She did not believe her son CJ would use such a device.

patty parsons CJ

So she asked him.

patty parsons CJ fleshlight

Well played CJ.

Patty still didn’t believe.

patty denial

It then got awkward when the makers of the sex toy told Patty that it was a gay fleshjack.

patty fleshjack

Patty then went to double check and oh dear.

patty cj lied

All the internet points belong to Patty right now.

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