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Uber SA teams up with Wesbank to create Vehicle Solutions Program for drivers valued at R200 million
Posted by on Nov 12th, 2015

More good stuff from UBER South Africa who have come up with another innovative partnership, this time teaming up with Wesbank in a R200 million deal to give Uber driver-partners the chance to lease cars via the Vehicle Solutions Program and start their own transport business.

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“The Uber Vehicle Solutions Program is valued at R200 million and gives those Uber driver-partners who may not qualify for traditional credit the opportunity of a full vehicle maintenance lease, facilitated by WesBank, at special rates. This is an amazing chance for driver-partners to start and grow their own small business in partnership with Uber. Rather than basing access to this programme on credit ratings, drivers will be considered for the programme based on their earnings and quality record with Uber.

This unique opportunity is not limited to existing driver-partners or those with a record of income with Uber. Several rental companies have launched short-term rental offerings for prospective drivers wanting to operate on the Uber platform. Drivers can rent approved vehicles from Hertz, Europcar, Pace and Fleet Data Technologies until they have built the earnings and quality record needed to qualify for the full maintenance lease facilitated through WesBank.” [UBER]


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