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In-court footage showing Oscar Pistorius lawyer saying ‘I’m going to lose’ [video]
Posted by on Nov 5th, 2015

Ok so yesterday a mate asked me what’s happening with the whole Oscar Pistorius case now that he’s out and under house arrest. Well 2 days ago was he was back in court for the states appeal for him to be convicted of murder, but this time it was the supreme court where five judges heard the case. Will get to what the outcome was later, but first let’s have a look at this rather interesting bit of footage where Barry Roux, Oscar’s lawyer, can be heard privately telling state prosecuter Gerrie Nel “But that I am going to lose is a fact.”

barry roux im going to lose

heir microphones were still on, but’s unclear what they were talking about exactly. It’s in Afrikaans, but you can clearly make out Roux saying “maar dat ek gaan verloor is feite.”

The 5 judges will deliberate over the next few weeks and if the appeal is successful, Pistorius will probably return to prison.

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