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Man United’s Bastian Schweinsteiger not happy about Nazi toy soldier called Bastian that looks identical to him [pic]
Posted by on Oct 23rd, 2015

German soccer star, Bastian Schweinsteiger who joined Manchester United this season is not a happy chap after a Chinese toy company made a Nazi toy soldier called Bastian. Not only that…the toy looks identical to Schweinsteiger. The player is taking legal action against the Hong Kong manufacturer Didi.



And you won’t believe their excuse.

A representative for the company said “The figure is based on a typical German. We believe that all Germans look like that’ and that it was pure co-incidence that “many people in Germany are called Bastian” [Guardian]

Not ideal.

October 10, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Honestly, I think the doll looks really kool -very heroic and dignified. Any father would want his daughter to marry a man who looks like that. 😉 Anywho, I like it waaaay better than the actual pic of Bastian on the left in his red jersey which looks totally sloppy compared to the chic jacket.
Where can I buy one of those leather jackets?

Let the Asians have their fun and make some money for Heaven’s sakes. There’s a slowdown in the global economy. Let’s focus on job creation and entrepreneurship instead of ‘Legal corruption.’ Oh the irony.

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