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This airline wants to fix everything you hate about airlines
Posted by on Oct 14th, 2015

If you’re a frequent flyer then you will no doubt have a long list of gripes and things you hate about travelling on commercial airlines. Queues, cramped cabins, crappy rewards programs etc. Well a new concept airline called Poppi is making waves for eliminating all the things passengers dislike about air travel. One of the world’s top design agencies wanted to disrupt the airline industry and come up with an idea that would be the Uber or Airbnb of the sky.


Here’s a list of things that they’ve changed.

No carry-on luggage – the traditional overhead bins are replaced with flat compartments against the side that only accomodate laptop bags and jackets creating a more open cabin space.

All luggage is tagged and tracked so that you know where it is at all times.

The middle seat comes with extra perks – nobody wants the middle seat, but Poppi want to change the game and make passengers actually want to sit there or even pay more to do so. By partnering with brands you will get free stuff for sitting in the middle.

You can resell your ticket or even swop with someone for a window or aisle seat.

A loyaly program that actually gives you freebies or rad products…not air miles that a nightmare to redeem.

Real-time boarding info on displays or smart devices – no more waiting in queues to board. You get pinged and know when it’s your turn.

No more economy, business or first class – instead they are basing where you sit on your interests. If you wanna see movies..then go sit in ‘cinema class’.

Current airlines should take notes…those are all rad ideas and plans.

For more in depth info go check HERE on how Poppi could change the airline industry.

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Good times.

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