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French beauty pageant winner’s title revoked after she posted this topless pic on Facebook [pic]
Posted by on Oct 7th, 2015

The French are generally regarded as being rather open minded when it comes to nudity so it’s surprisng that a beauty pageant winner was stripped of her title and banned from Miss France for posting a topless picture of herself on Facebook..a very tame pic to be exact. 23 year old Eugénie Journée was crowned Miss Brittany on the weekend, but then her title was revoked after the pic below was discovered online. Nude photo’s are apparently not tolerated and hence she was decrowned.

Eugénie Journée

Disgusting…can’t believe she would show her bare feet like that in public.

Seriously though…that is the pic she was banned for.

Eugénie Journée 1

“People took to Twitter to criticise the decision because of a photo that many thought was tame.

One person wrote: ‘Deposed because of this photo? Seriously? Aren’t you ashamed Sylvie Tellier,’ in a message directed at the head of Miss France

Another tweeter wrote: ‘What! You can only see her feet!’
Your swimming suit parades are more sexy and vulgar than this innocent picture. I’m boycotting!
Maddie Snow, Twitter

Others said they would boycott the show. and accused organisers of hypocrisy.” [Mail Online]

Now you know.

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