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Guys…that Facebook privacy notice you’re posting is useless
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2015

Ok so i’ve been seeing a whole bunch of people posting that Facebook privacy notice hoping to stop the public use of material you post. Frankly i’m disappointed in you guys…i expect more from you Life is Savage readers. And don’t give me that ‘better safe than sorry’ story. It’s been doing the rounds for years and now there’s a new version and you’re just making it worse by posting the damn message. Stop it ffs.

This is the message i’m talking about. Go sit in the corner if you’ve posted this recently.

facebook privacy notice

Yes you know who you are.

It is a hoax and utter nonsense. ‘The supposed “Privacy Notice” has no legal standing of any kind and posting it on Facebook will do nothing whatsoever to protect the privacy of users. Reposting this message will do nothing other than spread misinformation and clutter Facebook with even more pointless garbage.’ [Hoax Slayer]

This on the other hand is totally true.

facebook privacy notice 2

Seriously…it will save lives.

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