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Nasa announces confirmation of flowing water on Mars [pic]
Posted by on Sep 28th, 2015

Nasa just confirmed the discovery of flowing water on Mars. The announcement came at a press conference where Nasa revealed that dark spots on the surface are caused by flowing briny water. The space agency said over the weekend they would “detail a major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars”. A scientific paper, already published online recently and titled ‘Spectral Evidence for Hydrated Salts in Seasonal Brine Flows on Mars’ led to speculation the Nasa press conference would be regarding the hypothesis of flowing water on the red planet.

mars water

That’s an old pic of solid ice on the Martian surface taken by the ESA Mars Express spacecraft.

New photographs shows “the discovery of long rivulet-like streaks on the cliffs and crater walls of Mars, saying they are evidence of flowing water in the present day”.

water on mars

“The streaks, running hundreds of metres long in places, had suggested flowing liquids, but new techniques have allowed researchers to confirm the presence of briney liquid water” [Guardian]

The press conference just started. Will update you with all the findings later.

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