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Top Egyptian student given zero in all 7 exams gets massive internet support
Posted by on Sep 7th, 2015

Tens of thousands of people have shown support for a top Egyptian student who was given a score of zero in all seven of her exams after nearly getting perfect marks in previous exams. Mariam Malak is one of the top performing students in Egypt and it was initially believed that she was discriminated again because of her Coptic Christian faith, but many now think it’s due to corruption.

mariam malak

And we thought corruption in SA was bad.

“Thousands rallied behind a top-ranked student who not only failed her exams but was given the lowest marks possible in a potential case of injustice and corruption.”

“Her expectations were high – and rightfully so. Mariam Malak had achieved nearly perfect marks in previous years, results which made her one of Egypt’s top performing high school students”

“Malak scored zero out of 100 not just on one exam, but on all seven she sat. The results were so incredible that she and her family immediately suspected foul play. ” [BBC]

Now you know.

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