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Motorist records Joburg metro police officer making fun of him [video]
Posted by on Sep 1st, 2015

It’s not often an officer of the law in South Africa welcomes being filmed while on duty, but a Joburg Metro cop did just that when a motorist was stopped for jumping a red light and given a ticket. Clive Naidoo recorded the incident and posted it online only for plenty of people to say his reaction was uncalled for. The officer on the other hand seemed to relish the fact that she was being filmed and at one point exclaimed “You think me I’m scared of the video. I like videos. And you’re taking me with an Apple phone! I’m happy because the pictures are superb”.


Here’s the footage. At one point the driver can be heard saying he pays her salary and later in the video she makes fun of where he lives.

Pick a side.

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