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  • Watch this 12yr boy trip and destroy a R20 million painting [video]
    Posted by on Aug 25th, 2015

    What was the most expensive thing you ruined when you were a kid? Bet it doesn’t come close to this 12 year old boy in Taiwan who was visiting an art exhibition with his mom recently when he tripped and punched a hole through a R20 million painting by Italian master Paolo Porpora. The painting is estimated to be 350 years old and our chap was holding a drink when he lost his balance and put his hand out…straight through the painting.

    Love how he freezes when he realises he might have f**ked up a tad.

    boy breaks $1.5m painting

    If only there was sound and he said ‘my bad’.

    “One of the organisers of the exhibition, Sun Chi-hsuan, said the hole in the 200cm tall painting, which depicts sunflowers, roses, tulips and carnations, was estimated to be the size of a fist, Focus Taiwan reported.

    Sun said the boy taking a guided tour with his mother when the incident occurred on Sunday.” [News.com.au]

    Now you know.

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