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Here’s what you need to know about ShowMax, SA’s version of Netflix
Posted by on Aug 24th, 2015

Ok so last week saw the launch of ShowMax, South Africa’s new video on demand service from Naspers that’s similar to the popular US streaming service Netflix which isn’t officially available in SA yet. ShowMax will set you back R99 a month and you’ll get to choose from around 10 000 hours of series and movies as well as local content. I did some checking and there are few things you should know about ShowMax in case you’re considering signing up for the service.


Ok so here you go:

What do you need to watch ShowMax: you won’t need a decoder or satellite dish. It’s a streaming service so you will need an internet connection and a device to watch from. So any smart tv, laptop or PC, latest smart phones etc. Naspers recommends at least a 2Mbps line, but an uncapped 4Mbps line or better for the best viewing experience.

How much will you have to pay: R99 a month, and you can watch all you want. There is a 7 day trial period that’s free though if you want to test it out.

What shows can you watch: there is over 10 000 hours of series and movies. Plenty to keep you busy including popular titles like Game of Thrones etc. Go browse whats on offer HERE. Heads up though…if you’re looking or current episodes or movies you won’t find them since they are one or two years behind.

How do you sign up: just head on over to the sign up page HERE.

What else can you watch: they have local stuff like Afrikaans shows as well as the promise of original content in the future. They have cartoon shows in case you have kids.

Now you know.

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