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Type any email address in here to see if it’s in the Ashley Madison hacked database
Posted by on Aug 20th, 2015

So yesterday roughly 37 million users of cheating website Ashley Madison quietly crapped themselves after the entire database of user details was dumped online by hacker group Impact Team. The large file contained email addresses, credit card transactions, names and descriptions of users who signed up for accounts. Most of the data contained in those files is hard to search through for most people so it was inevitable that someone with computer skills would create a search option to see if a name or email address is in there. The best one has since been removed and it allowed you type in a name or email and not only confirmed if it was in the haked database, but it also gave a description of what the user was into ie. male looking for female, submissive, likes threesomes etc.

Pity that one has been taken down, but several others are still up, but will only confirm if a named or email is in the leaked user database. So if you are concerned that you are on the list or if you wanna know if your partner, boss, dad, friends, colleagues etc were dumb enough to use their realmail address then go ahead and type it in here.

ashley madison check list

That is from the Trustify website HERE.

Is the email address you typed in not in the database? Well don’t be relieved just yet since they person you were checking on could have used a fake or burner email address.

When a more searchable database is released i’ll let you know.

Rene says:
August 08, 2015 at 11:26 am

HAHAHAHAHA, I found someone I know on there.

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