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Pick n Pay gets slammed for social media response to journalist [pic]
Posted by on Aug 17th, 2015

Ok so we all know that last week Bic SA got hauled over the coals for their Women’s Day ‘think like a man’ ad HERE and over the weekend it was Pick n Pay’s turn to recieve a social media backlash after someone on their social media team decided it was a great idea to instruct a journalist to remove a post on Twitter which referenced a link that was critical of their new Stickeez campaign. The initial post by mommy blogger Celeste Barlow complained about the promotional Stickeez kids toys given to customers when they spend over a certain amount and journalist Louise Marshland shared it on Twitter. Pick n Pay then asked Marsland to remove the tweet and of course it didn’t go down very well.

pick n pay louise marsland

The Pick n Pay response got picked up by several other journalists and quickly turned into a lesson on how not to deal with social media critisism if you’re a brand. They later apologised to Marsland, but not before looking like amateurs and getting slammed for handling the situation poorly.

Click HERE to see the original blog post on the Stikeez complaint that set off the whole drama.

Now you know.

Up your social media game Pick n Pay. Get a proper team and get a decent social media intelligence platform like Digital Republic offers.

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