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People are Awesome compilation for July 2015 [video]
Posted by on Aug 12th, 2015

If you have been a Life is Savage reader for a while you will know that i normally try to post a fail compilation every month on a Wednesday. Watching people get a healthy dose of karma for doing dumbsh*t has it’s ups and downs though, where some of the clips in the compilation are hilarious while some are more laughing at the misfortune of others which always made me a tad uncomfortable. Well i may still post those fail videos, but i’ve found something better. Instead of laughing at people failing let’s rather share some positive energy and inspiration courtesy of the folks behind the People Are Awesome videos. They normally release a big video a few times a year, but i found out yesterday they have started monthly compilations and the first one for July 2015 is here.

people are awesome july 2015

Press play and be inspired.

Good times.

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