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Bic SA’s ‘think like a man’ Women’s Day ad is not going well [pic]
Posted by on Aug 11th, 2015

It was Women’s Day on Sunday and of course there were plenty of brands showing their support and creating ads or campaigns. Some were better than others, but the folks doing the marketing for Bic South Africa may have some explaining to do after this effort was posted on their Facebook page.

Look like a girl, act like a lady…think like a man. Happy women’s day.

bic womens day

Ya not ideal that.

[thanks Dom]

UPDATE: Bic removed the ad, issued an apology and explained why they used the ‘think like a man’ quote

“We would like to apologise to all our fans who took offense to our recent Women’s Day Post. We can assure you that we meant it in the most empowering way possible and in no way derogatory towards women. We took the quote from a “Women in Business” blog site.
The blog site explains the quote and what its intentions were when it was written. BIC believe in celebrating women and the powerful contribution women make to our society.”

Dominique says:
August 08, 2015 at 11:47 am

Except that blog post literally explains it as “thinking like a man aids you to achieve a professional standard in the business world”. Um no.

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