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If the Hiroshima atomic bomb was dropped on Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Aug 6th, 2015

70 years ago the US dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima with the blast killing 70 000 people. Nearly double that died due to radiation poisoning in the days, weeks and months after. Residents of Hiroshima held a commemoration ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of that tragic event. Several news articles have showed images of the devastation, but one in particular puts it into perspective by creating an interactive application showing you what would happen if that same atomic bomb was detonated over your city.

Obviously i typed in Cape Town and used the middle of the CBD as ground zero. Here’s what would happen.

atomic bomb cape town

That’s a closeup. 90% of people within a 800 meter radius would be killed and 70% within a 1.4km radius. That’s pretty much the entire CBD. The fire would destroy buildings along the Atlantic Seaboard to Camps Bay, Mowbray and Paarden Eiland.

And the effects would be felt all the way to Bellville, Melkbos, Muizenberg and Hout Bay.

atomic bomb cape town zoom out


You see what happens over your own city HERE.

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