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What exactly is the ‘vagina oil’ in these Woolies bleach pods? [pic]
Posted by on Aug 4th, 2015

These days everyone is very conscious about saving the environment hey. Organic this, non-toxic that…thanks to the eco-friendly efforts of major corporations we have now made it a habit to buy products that won’t harm our planet. Bleach is one of things that is harmful so it’s a no brainer that someone would come up with an alternative. Enter Woolies and their range of earth friendly bleach pods…in particular the vanilla one that contains a very special ingredient.

woolies vagina oil


Well done Woolies. I’m not even gonna ask how you get the vagina oil…just gonna go buy some bleach pods and save the environment.

For those of you that really want to know though, the latin word for vanilla is ‘vagina’ hence the brackets explaining that it is ‘vanilla oil’.

Love your work Woolies.

Now you know.

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