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Female hunter posing with giraffe shot in SA causes new outcry [pic]
Posted by on Aug 4th, 2015

Ya hey…you’d have thought that the hammering Walter Palmer recieved after shooting Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe would have deterred other hunters from putting their kills online, but apparently American huntress Sabrina Corgatelli didn’t get the memo or just doesn’t care and posted some pics on Facebook of herself posing with a dead giraffe shot in South Africa recently. And of course she has sparked new outrage.

sabrina corgatelli

Needless to say her Facebook page HERE is getting slammed with hatred and unsavoury comments.

sabrina corgatelli comments

Excellent logic from that one person saying she needs to sort out her wonky tits.

Sabrina is not backing down though and continues to defend her hunting and insisting that she’s doing nothing wrong. On the death of the giraffe she is quoted as saying “Giraffes are dangerous. They could hurt you seriously very quickly.” On another pic of her posing with a dead crocodile she mentions “Aaron’s 13 foot Crocodile. What a great Trophy and fun hunt!!”

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