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950 million Android phones at risk of Stagefright malware sent via text message
Posted by on Aug 3rd, 2015

Public service announcement for all you Samsung smartphone users and any others running Android on their devices. There is a rather nasty bit of malware called Stagefright doing the rounds and it doesn’t require you to accept or click anything. Hackers simply send you a particular text message and without you knowing or being notified a code is executed that compromises all your data and gives them full access and control of your device. 950 million Android users are at risk. Security firm Avast has stated that Stagefright is believed to be the worst Android vulnerability yet discovered.

The scary thing is that you don’t even need to be using your phone or read the message. You could be sleeping and a hacker could send you an MMS text, execute the code and remove it. You will never know your device has been compromised with a trojan code.


Dunno if you can read that, but it explains that “All devices running Android versions Froyo 2.2 to Lollipop 5.1.1 are affected, which are used by approximately 95% of all Android devices, by nearly 1 billion people. Hackers only need to know your phone number to infect your device.

The malware is delivered via a multimedia message (MMS) sent to any messenger app that can process a specific video format – like an Android device’s native messaging app, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp.”

Hectic. No what can you do to protect yourself. Well nothing almost really apart from disabling your auto-retrieve message option.

If you go to messages or messaging on your Android device. Scroll down or go to multimedia message settings then untick ‘auto-retrieve’. You will be notified when someone sends you an MMS and you can chose to download it.

Other messaging apps are also vulnerable, but go read how to disable them HERE.

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