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Jimmy Kimmel gets emotional talking about Cecil the lion [video]
Posted by on Jul 30th, 2015

It’s been a few days now that news broke of the US dentist who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. The public outcry has been enormous and it’s spurred massive media coverage. Thus far the person responsible, Walter Palmer, has been forced to close his dentistry practice and people have been protesting outside his home calling for head. Celebrities have condemned his actions, but nobody summed it up better than comedian and tv host Jimmy Kimmel. Watch his 5 min monologue talking about how Cecil The Lion was killed, the dentist and what you can do. He even chokes up at the end, but hit the nail on the head regarding how most people feel.

Ya..what he said.

jimmy kimmel cecil the lion

There’s also a petition that has over 100 000 signatures to have Palmer extradited.

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