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Cape Town pizza restaurant owns racist customer who wrote a bad Tripadvisor reviewer [pic]
Posted by on Jul 29th, 2015

Restaurants around the world pride themselves on great reviews, but they can’t always be perfect hey. We all know those dodgy spots where the service is questionable or downright poor, but Massimo’s in Hout Bay isn’t one of them. In fact it won best pizza in Cape Town when i did a crowd sourced poll a few years ago and it still gets rave reviews. So when a customer left some scathing comments on Tripadvisor a few eyebrows were raised and the folks at Massimo’s were quick to set the record straight. A Hout Bay local sent me the bad review a few days ago and i only now saw the restaurants response. It’s quality.

massimos review

This was the intial review which has since been removed.

“Very disappointing”
1 of 5 stars Reviewed 24 July 2015
as local Hout Bay residents who frequent massimo,s regularly, we were very disappointed at the owners attitude to our complaint regarding the fact that the main pizza maker had a large plaster on his face !! With m gloves and was making pizzas in full view of the entire restaurant. In conversation with the owner, he expressed indifference to my opinion, and stated to me that I was not a “doctor” but did say that the member was from west Africa where communicable diseases are rife. We were asked to leave and only invited back if we were considered doctors!! If someone is ill , don’t put them in full view of clients! Be more professional, and don’t treat your customers with disrespect.

Doesn’t seem that unreasonable, but apparently the customer left out some details as outlined by Massimo’s. Here’s
their reply.

“Sir, you forgot to write on your review that the first thing you told me is that you were already tipsy and that you are
NOT a doctor!. You then told me that as you are from Zimbabwe, and you recognized my pizza chef as a fellow Zimbabwean and because he is skinny and had a plaster on his eyebrow he must have HIV. When I told you that he is actually from DRC, you said then he must have Ebola and you did not want your food touched by him. At that point I had no choice to ask you to leave as I can’t pick and choose my staff according to the racism of my clients. Incidentally the pizza guy hit his head on a beam during loadshedding. I would gladly ask you not to frequent my restaurant in the future.”

Well played Massimo’s. Well played.

Marcelle Godwin says:
July 07, 2015 at 3:44 pm

The Whalecottage person, Chris von Ulmenstein (yes, her. She of the worst rated B&B’s in South Africa, and all round self proclaimed nasty person) has had the temerity to claim that this is all part of a publicity stunt.

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