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No way these security houses at Nkandla cost R6.5 million each [pic]
Posted by on Jul 23rd, 2015

Ok so yesterday was open day at Zuma’s Nkandla estate where members of parliament and reporters got to walk around and inspect the property. It very quickly emerged that taxpayers forked out a whole lot for upgrades that simply cannot cost what they claim it did. Case in point…the 21 house built for the security staff that cost R135 million. That works out to just under R6.5 million per unit. And what you ask did your hard earned taxpayer money build for that price.


R6.5 million for each of these.

nkandla R6 million house

Mmmmmmm…let’s not be so hasty. Maybe they wanted the outside to look plain and simple since it’s for security and the inside is uber luxury with state of the art high tech spy equipment, Tempur beds, top of the range furniture and detailing etc.

Let’s take a look inside shall we.

nkandla R6 million house inside

Ok then. For more pics of the bathroom and kitchen head on over to the timeline of @EWNreporter.

Compare that with some more dodgy property news via the deputy chief of Tshwane metro police, Umashi Dhlamini, who is being investigated after building this mansion in Pretoria for a mere R10 million.

Umashi Dhlamini

For more on that mess click HERE. Pic via Alon Skuy.

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