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Piff The Magic Dragon did the Best America’s Got Talent audition ever [video]
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2015

I swear if Piff the Magic Dragon doesn’t win this season of America’s Got Talent then i’m never watching it again. Ok i won’t lie…i never watched it in the first place, but it would still be a massive injustice if he didn’t win. As far as reality talent shows go i think Piff The Magic Dragon gave the best audition i’ve ever seen and last week he made it through to the next round with another hilarious performance involving magic and standup comedy.

piff the magic dragon

Here’s his audition.

And this from the judges cut round last week where he recieved the golden buzzer from Neil Patrick Harris.

All the slowclaps today go to Piff.

Well played. Hope he goes on to win it and not a boring singer.

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