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Several people were mugged on Lion’s Head in broad daylight over the weekend
Posted by on Jul 21st, 2015

Quick warning for all of you that enjoy going up Lion’s Head. Several people had their valuables taken on Sunday in broad daylight while climbing Lion’s Head. Apparently two muggers robbed 9 people while running down the mountain and stopping hikers. Nobody was injured, but several tourists lost passports and belongings.

lion's head

Now we already have a visa nightmare that is currently creating a huge decrease in tourism and the last thing we need is more poor publicity especially when the victims tried to contact the police and only after trying for 25 minutes they were told by officers ‘Well, we don’t know where it (Lion’s Head) is and we don’t know what to do’.

No jokes.

“Two young, obviously fit muggers brazenly ran down a Lion’s Head trail in broad daylight at the weekend, stopping groups of tourists along the way to steal their belongings before carrying on.

But when the mugging victims tried to call the police toll-free line, the operator allegedly had no idea where Lion’s Head was.” [News24]


Be careful if you go up Lion’s Head.

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