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175 000 South Africans could have their infidelity exposed after Ashley Madison hack
Posted by on Jul 21st, 2015

There are a whole bunch of South Africans quietly kakking themselves after online infidelity website Ashley Madison was hacked and th ehackers have threatened to reveal users real names, profiles,credit card details and nude pictures. 175 000 locals to be precise…since that’s how many South Africans signed up to the website that connects people already in a relationship with others looking to have an affair.

ashley madison south africa

The site has 37 million users and was hacked by a group called the Impact Team who are demanding the site shuts down. They leaked some sensitive and secure data about users credit card details and threatened to release everything all customer’s names and pictures. The leaked data was removed shortly after being posted with some speculating that they merely used it as leverage to get exposure and sell the records to the highest bidder.

“It’s not yet clear how many of the 175,000 South African cheating spouses on dating website ‘Ashley Madison’ currently have their data compromised.”

“A survey last year found Gauteng to be the centre of cheating in the country with seven out of 10 infidelity hotspots located in the province” [EWN]

So if you see a married SA person acting weirdly and stressed…just casually drop in that the hackers have released all users details and see their reaction.

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