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Why sports investigative journalist Graeme Joffe fled South Africa
Posted by on Jul 17th, 2015

Remember Graeme Joffe the tv and radio presenter turned investigative sports journalist? Well he has fled South Africa and written a damning letter about the reasons why. Joffe says his phone was illegally tapped and his emails hacked after he investigated and exposed corruption in South African sport. He got a friend to hire a private investigator to help him and after being told ‘Graeme, they’re coming to get you, get to a place of safety, don’t go to any public places, get out of your apartment. Call me if you need any help.” he packed his bags and eventually made his way to US.

graeme joffe

The letter Joffe wrote also covers his investigation into millions being stolen from the National Lottery.

Here’s an excerpt of his letter

“I started to investigate and expose the corrupt elements – it was a lot deeper than I thought.

The saddest part is the millions of rand that is being stolen from the National Lottery. Funding that should be going to the athletes for training and travel but instead greedy corrupt officials are lining their own back pockets to feed their own lavish lifestyles.”

The Department of Sport and Recreation sent me abusive and threatening messages on twitter – it didn’t stop me!”

To read the full letter on Sport24 click HERE.


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