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Don’t get caught by the ‘You have a lucky face’ scam in Cape Town
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2015

Ok so we all know about those 419 email phishing scams or fake bank emails asking for your pin. Then there’s the famous red haired con artist in Cape Town HERE who is still catching people with his stories of a broken down car etc. Have you heard of the ‘you have a lucky face’ scam though? Me neither, but several people in Cape Town have apparently been caught out so i did some digging. The most recent incident occured in Sea Point a few days ago where a friend said that an Indian gentleman with a black turban on his head approached her and said…”you have a lucky face, but the frown shows your thoughts are all over”. He said he was a fortune teller, but before he could continue she had to leave. After posting it on Febook several other people said they have seen the same guy and he always said the same thing ‘you have a lucky face’. The unlucky ones were scammed into giving him money after conning them by pretending that he could read their minds.

you have a lucky face

I googled it and no spice…the ‘you have a lucky face’ con apparently happens worldwide.

In most cases the guy always uses the words’you have a lucky face’ wordsthen pretends to do a trick where he guesses random choices you make to show you how good he is at predicting things. Once you are suitably impressed with his ‘magic’ he starts to tell your fortune and in the end throw in some way of getting money out of you like saying he will get rid of your impending bad luck or making you feel guilty.

Has this ever happened to you in Sea Point or Cape Town? Lemme know.

Even better if you have a picture of the guy send it.

[thanks Maria]

UPDATE: recieved this from a Cape Town reader who got conned out of R735 by Mr Guru near Garden’s Centrea few days ago.

“Hi there,

A couple of days ago I was conned by this Indian man wearing a black turban. He goes by the name of Mr Guru and I still have his business card. He approached me as I was walking from my car into the Gardens Centre in Cape Town. I was in a rush that day so couldn’t really chat to him but gave me his card and took down my name, number and date of birth. I agreed to meet with him the following Monday (a week ago today) as I was curious and had never been told my fortune before. He performed 2 tricks with me. The first was where I had to tell him a number between 6 and 9 and a colour and he wrote it down and somehow switched that paper for one he had asked me to crumple up. That same day he gave me 2 small stones to keep on me, one for my love life and one for work, and also blessed a ring which he said I must wear on my left hand for 23 days. He said on the last day I must throw the ring into the sea to get rid of my bad luck. He told me I need to give him R735 for meditation/prayer supplies including coconut water, incense etc. He said he knows it seems like a lot of money but that he promised after 23 days my life would change forever and I would be very successful. Like a fool, I actually gave him the money.

The second trick he did today when I met him on my lunch break. He claimed that I have stomach problems and asked me if I’d had trouble sleeping lately. I know this is something that happens quite regularly to everyone, but I listened to what he had to say. He gave me a small square of white paper that was clean on both sides. Again, he told me to crumple it up and hold it tightly in my right hand. He then did a prayer or chant or whatever and told me to blow on the paper 3 times. I then had to put it under my tongue and keep it there while he muttered to himself again. He then told me to take it out my mouth and slowly open it. Inside was a little collection of dry dirt or sand. I told him I was really freaked out and he said this was a sample of the bad thing I have inside me that needs to come out. He tried to convince me that someone from my past had done black magic or voodoo (I don’t know anyone who knows that stuff) on me and that is why I have bad luck. He then said once again that he would pray for me and then told me I need to give him a further R1100. At that point I got a very uneasy feeling and immediately began to distrust him and realise that he must have somehow switched the paper I was originally holding for another he had placed the dirt in. I said I can’t keep giving him money and asked what exactly he needed it for etc and he assured me he needed to buy more materials for the meditation he would do at night. I told him I can’t pay him today, that I would have to wait a while. He asked when I’d be able to pay and I said pay day, after which he told me he would continue with the prayers. He said I needed to buy a bottle of water which he would bless and that I needed to drink from it each day for 7 days. I went with him to Pick n Pay and when we got to the till I told him I realised I didn’t have any money on me. He then bought it for me. We walked outside again, he “blessed” the water, told me to take it in my right hand and then we parted. I went straight to my desk and searched for Indian guru conmen online. I found a blog which talked about the lucky face Indian man with tons of posts from people who’d been conned in this way.”

I know that plenty of people have mentioned that you have to be gullible to be conned out of money, but some people just have good hearts and shouldn’t be taken advantage of.

Let’s find this Mr Guru.

Dave from Cape Town says:
July 07, 2015 at 4:44 pm

Mr Guru shouldn’t be scamming people. That’s naughty.
But if fewer people were idiots (like your idiot reader above), con artists like him would disappear pretty quickly.

steve says:
July 07, 2015 at 4:44 pm

Hello my friends i m a guy from sea point Capetown and u talk abt that mr. Guru i m wondering about that i know mr. Guru around 7 years and he is very good guy helped me lot for my health problems and gives me such lot of good advices

jah says:
July 07, 2015 at 4:44 pm

I have met a couple of these guys in California. The last one I met offered to do a ritual for me to rid me of a spell casted on me if I could provide the cost of the materials, which was like $30. I said no because I had already given him money at that point and couldn’t afford anymore.

Let me say that I was not scammed, I was presented a choice and made a decision. What anyone does with a donation I offer is irrelevant, I do not donate to get anything out of it, I do it because I am kind.

The second guy was supper sloppy with his delivery, it was like he was new to the whole thing. I told him I knew the pick a color trick and it was pointless for him to do it because I was going to give him a donation regardless. Yet he still did the trick, yay! Smh
I basically told him I didn’t need to hear the sales pitch and see the show because of another guy like him I had encountered before in the past.

The first guy i encountered was super trippy! The way he got my attention was interesting. He made eye contact with me as I was about to cross the street and said something about siva. Why this is interesting to me is because my spiritual mentor refers to me as siva Das. I also had spent the previous 2 days at a Sivananda Ashram for the celebration of Swami Sivanada’s mahasamadhi. So he proceeds with the magic trick. Then the guy proceeds to blow my mind. What also occurred when I was at the ashram was a reunion with my ex-girlfriend after 3 years of not seeing each other. He says to me “so you’ve been spending time with you’re ex-girlfriend these last couple days?” Wow!!! I had told absolutely no one about spending time with her, my friend I was with that day didn’t even know that I had been hanging out with her.
At that point I’m thinking God manifested in human form, its the only way I could rationalize this random stranger knowing this information.
When he asked for a donation for his temple I eagerly gave it to him.
I ended up meeting with him again a month later and realised he was very advanced in meditation and jyotish, however the predictions he made for my future upon our first meeting were not accurate.
He did give me some good life advice and alerted me to apparent black magic spells that people can cast on you. This is how I found this website actually, by looking into black tantric magic.
I have read many times about tantric yoga techniques, So yeah, the paper trick is common and I even recently saw a glorified version of it on ‘ America’s Got Talent’, but this guy i believe had what is called siddhis and was a Tantra yogi. Knowing what he knew about me is not an illusion, trick, or scam, it was incredible!
In both cases each guy asked for donations for their temple, in my mind that meant church or spiritual center, but again irrelevant as I can only control my own intentions and actions.

If one has the means to give something to another human being that asks, why would they not? Kindness should not be based on whether or not a criteria is going to be met. Being attached to material possessions is the scam.
Being conned = choosing to make a decision, you have free will

yon says:
July 07, 2015 at 4:44 pm

The same happened to me as the reader who commented above, I’m so shocked because I believed this man. Almost paid money for it but I was in a hurry. He told me all the “negative” things that were giving me bad luck in life and love and proposed the solutions he had, many of which made me uncomfortable, so he said he would contact me the following day, as not to pressure me. He also wrote my name and birth date on a piece of paper and “guessed” things about me which appeared on a crumpled piece in my hand to prove he really was “sent to me by God” as he would say. I believe I could point him out if I saw him, and also know of a few other people who consult with him on a regular basis. Old bearded Indian man with a turban, I knew he was a scam artist but he is so good, one could definitely be fooled. 

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