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Here’s an old guy eating his ear wax at Wimbledon during Andy Murray’s match [video]
Posted by on Jul 9th, 2015

Wimbledon…the most prestigious tennis tournament in all the land, where aristocracy dress to the nines and consume strawberries and cream while sipping on champagne. Spectators rub shoulders with celebrities and royalty while footage gets beamed around the world for all to see. If you’re lucky enough to get centre court seats then best you put on your game face…like this old ballie who, while watching the Andy Murray match recently, decided to show the world the proper tehnique for eating ones own ear wax.

ear wax wimbledon


Brace yourself for the cringe.


Jagter says:
July 07, 2015 at 11:44 am

It doesn’t matter what great things you achieve in life. Eat your ear wax in public once, and you’ll always be remembered as the ear wax eater.

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