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Footage of leopard attacking guide at Kruger Park emerges [video]
Posted by on Jul 6th, 2015

Last week a picture of a guide getting attacked by a leopard through his safari vehicle window at the Kruger Park went viral and now footage has emerged. According to witnesses the leopard was close to the open safari vehicle when the 8 tourists inside lost sight of it. The cat circled the vehicle and grabbed the guides arm. A tourist in another vehicle used his car to push the leopard off. They eventually tried to drive over the leaord who was put down after the incident.

leopard attacks guide kruger

Here’s the video.

Warning it contains footage that may upset sensitive viewers.

Remember the last time i posted something about the lion attack at the park in Johanessburg? And everyone said that big cats don’t see the people in open safari vehicles as prey or a threat. Ya…bet you the people in the vehicle won’t do that again soon.

Pity though that the leopard was put down.

[via Barcroft TV]

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