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Some guy has set up a crowdfund campaign to pay off the Greek debt of $1.8 billion
Posted by on Jun 30th, 2015

Possibly the greatest crowdfunding campaign ever has been started by a guy from London who is tired of politicians debating of what to do with struggling Greece and their debt and decided he would just let people of Europe see if they can raise the €1.6billion needed as a payment to the IMF. The Greek Bailout Fund started by Thom Feeney has already seen over 9000 people contribute in the past 2 days and raise nearly €150 000. Still a long way to go, but as Feeney says…there are over 500 million people in the European Union alone and just over €3 from each of them would raise enough money.

How cool would that be hey? In your face politicians.

greek bailout fundOutstanding.

A piece of me really wants this to work just so those in power can suck it.

Of course the crowdfund comes with incentives and if you donate €3 you get a postcard of the Greek president, €10 gets you a bottle of Ouzo, €5000 gets you a Greek holiday for two and €1 million…well that just gets you a huge thank you and the gratitude of the people of Greece.

You check the crowdfund page and read more details HERE.


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