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Cape Town coffee shop named as best in the world
Posted by on Jun 29th, 2015

A Cape Town coffee shop has been named as the best in the world…well kinda. Truth Coffee Roasting in Buitenkant street, Cape Town, was included in a list of the world’s best coffee shops compiled by The Telegraph. It was mentioned first out of a list of 13 coffee shops around the world so let’s just assume it means that the list is not a random selection and instead a ranking…in which case Truth Coffee came first and is the best in all the world.

truth coffee best in the world

Ok now i’m always the first when it comes to promoting Cape Town when they win awards, but i have no idea if the Telegraph list was decided via a reader poll or if just a single person compiled it based on their opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, i love Truth Coffee and i do think it’s one of the best coffee shops i’ve ever been to.

We’ll take the win and the bragging rights though.

[via Telegraph]

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