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  • Lexus reveals they have made a rideable hoverboard [video]
    Posted by on Jun 25th, 2015

    There’s been a lot of talk about hoverboards in recent years and most of them have either been gimmicks or promotional hoaxes. Nobody really took that sh*t seriously…well until now that is because a major car manufacturer is claiming they have made a rideable hoverboard. Lexus released footage of what they say is a genuine hoverboard which uses magnet technology and superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen to rise off the ground. Don’t expect to get one for yourself though since it’s only a prototype to show off their technological advancement.

    lexus hoverboard

    Here’s the ad.

    Ok so it is just an ad, but pretty cool no?

    And that’s apparently just the first of a series of videos introducing the hoverboard where they will eventually show someone riding it.

    Let’s see.

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