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Recovered alcoholic PJ Powers not happy with TOPS liquor store allegedly using her name to market booze
Posted by on Jun 22nd, 2015

Marketing fail of the day belongs to a TOPS liquor store who clearly didn’t think things through for a marketing campaign using the words ‘PJ POWERS‘ to promote the sale of alcohol. You see PJ Powers, the singer, is a recovered alcoholic and is deeply upset by the ads which she never approved. According to her manager, alcoholism nearly killed her and the TOPS ads are highly offensive.

Here are the ads in question which have been circulating for the past few weeks.

pj powers tops

Not ideal.

I’m guessing the person who came up with that may have meant to refer to PJ as in pyjama? Even then, i’d still like to hear an explanation as to what pyjama powers you are showing off after you grab a drink.

This from her manager via Facebook.

“PJ’s Manager here writing on behalf of PJ: As many of you know PJ is a recovered alcoholic. She has not drunk for five and a half years. Those of you who know anything about addiction will know that this is a massively courageous journey that takes daily focus and application. She has made her alcoholism public because that is who she is – she is a transparent and authentic person which has shared the ups and downs of her life.
The Spar chain owns TOPS liquor stores. They have been running ads such as the ones below for the last few weeks, without getting approval from PJ. They think this is OK. We dont.
We especially don’t because they are liquor ads and alcoholism nearly killed her. PJ is deeply offended and upset by these ads.”

I can’t find any national campaign using the PJ Powers wording so i’m assuming it’s a local branch.

Will update when they issue a statement.

[via Facebook]


TOPS at Spar have responded to complaints about the ads and said that it was indeed a reference to ‘Pyjama’ party.

This from their Facebook page.

“In response to the complaints on My SPAR regarding the phrase PJ Powers being used as part of the TOPS at SPAR adverts, we would like to apologise to those who were offended by our message. The line was used as a play on words to refer to the Pyjama Party theme for the month of June. The theme is linked to the message from our Minister of Parties and Recreation: “No slumber, only party!” We never intended to offend anyone and sincerely apologise.”

Side eyes.

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