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Flamboyant witness with green hair describing an accident goes viral [video]
Posted by on Jun 12th, 2015

In the past we’ve seen some witnesses become internet famous for their dramatic descriptions of events, but they can all sit down now because Courtney Barnes has set the new benchmark. In 2010 we had Antoine Dodson make headlines for his rant about his sister being assaulted. In 2013, Kai the axe weilding hitchhiker, went viral for his news interview after rescuing a woman. And now we have Courtney…the glamorous, my little pony haired, pencilled-in unibrow unicorn who gave the best eye witness report of the year to tv crews in Mississippi after seeing a police car accident.

courtney barnes

Sit down and brace yourself for some A-grade testimony.

Courtney gets all the slowclaps today. And some fingersnaps.

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