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Lion kills US woman at Johannesburg Lion Park after climbing through open window
Posted by on Jun 1st, 2015

A lion at the Johannesburg Lion Park has mauled a US woman to death and seriously injured another after the tourists apparently left the window of their vehicle open. According to the park’s operations manager the window of the vehicle was open when a lion jumped in and attacked the passenger, an American tourist in her 40’s. The driver of the vehicle tried to help her and was seriously injured.

lion kills tourist

For lion to actually get inside the vehicle i’m guessing the window had to be rolled all the way down?

“The park’s Scott Simpson said, “We don’t know exactly what happened, we do know that there was a car driving to the lion camp and the lion did come through the window and it did bite the lady. Unfortunately the ambulance arrived quite soon but the lady has passed away.” [EWN]

Ok so i did some research and guess what…in 2009 a lion opened the back door of a car at the Lion Park HERE. In 2014 a lion opened the back door of car and scared the crap out of the occupants who filmed it HERE. Then in March this year an Australian tourist at the Lion Park was bitten in the thigh when a lion grabbed his leg through an open car window HERE.

And now a woman has been killed.

Ok i know all the signs at the park warn visitors to keep their windows rolled up, but maybe there’s another problem here hey. There are already people saying that it’s the visitors fault for rolling down the window, but what do they do now? If they remove or kill the lion then a whole bunch of people are gonna be up in arms saying it’s not the lions fault, but like someone commented on Youtube…’if the lion has learned that juicy people are inside cars and will take a shot at an easy meal then what?’


The lioness who killed the tourist won’t be put down

“The lioness who jumped through an open car window and mauled an American tourist to death won’t be put down say Lion Park officials.

She has been taken to a separate enclosure until the investigation into the attack is complete.” [eNCA]


The tourist who was killed by the lioness has been identified as 29 year old American/Canadian Game of Thrones special effects editor, Katherine Chappell.

“Police were examining the last haunting photographs taken by Ms Chappell as evidence that she had ignored warnings to keep her windows closed as she toured the South African safari park.

Traumatized tourists who watched as the nine-year-old lioness killed Chappell through an open window have also handed over pictures of the fatal attack.

Two families were driving only feet away from the car carrying the victim when she was attacked.” [Mail Online]


Photograph shows the horrifying moment lioness reared up and mauled Chappell to death through her car window in South African safari park. [Daily Mail]

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