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Glorious advertising has a go at Nkandla and Zuma’s fire pool [pics]
Posted by on Jun 1st, 2015

On Friday i showed you the new Nando’s poster HERE having a sneaky go at Zuma and his fire pool, but it seems like they aren’t the only ones willing to take some advertising shots at the scandal surrounding his Nkandla estate. The folks over at (South Africa’s largest e-retailer), have joined the party and come up with some clever ads aimed at the recent report from the precidency that the fire pool, chicken run and amphitheatre at his Nkandla homestead are ‘vital security features’.

nkandla takealot


Bonus points for that ‘we’ll #paybackthemoney’ chirp at the bottom.

Well played Well played indeed.

Keep it coming.

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