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My 7% body fat challenge with the help of a personal trainer
Posted by on May 29th, 2015

Right it’s been a while since i did a proper fitness challenge and those of you who have been following over the years will know that i’ve tried a few things like a 30 day Cipla Nutrition Challenge HERE and an 8 week Sleekgeek Challenge…both of which produced results. I normally choose winter to do the challenges since the temptation to go outside and do stuff is less and besides…winter is normally the time of year people end up staying indoors and putting on weight so what better time to start a challenge. My previous challenges have all been short term and i did them alone so i thought i’d try something else and see what difference a long programme would make along with the help of a personal trainer. My goal is to get a body fat percentage of under 10% and ideally the magical 7% mark before summer and hopefully the added expertise and motivation from a personal trainer will get me there.

I quickly need to explain that since my amateur boxing fight at the end of November last year i didn’t train again till February. I’d dropped 6 kgs for the fight and was probably the fittest i’ve ever been so i took a break. Then my dumb ass decided it was a rad idea to play in the Takealot 10’s rugby tournament. I never even made it onto the field and instead got injured in a training session. At first i brushed it off, but when my leg started to go numb and tingle i knew something wasn’t right and reluctantly went to see a doctor who said it was likely nerve damage either from a herniated disc or an impinged nerve causing sciatica. So my first step was to find a physio type person and someone recommended i go see high performance sport scientist Marcel Smit. He’s also a strength and conditioning specialist so i gave him a shout and on the first session he confirmed that it was likely pressure on my sciatic nerve that was causing the symptoms. After some massage therapy and anti-inflammatory treatment the pain eventually subsided after a week, but he advised that without a proper follow up training programme it would likely return and so it was a no brainer that i asked if he would be my personal trainer.

marcel smit

That’s Marcel at the gym where i’m training, OneUp Cape Town…the first of its kind in South Africa and home to Point Break Fitness, Cape Town Fight Club, a coffee shop, tanning salon, nail salon and tattoo parlour.

I won’t lie…i’ve always been hestitant to use a personal trainer since i arrogantly felt that i could do better on my own, but it quickly dawned on me that Marcel knew considerably more than i did. More than half of the intitial exercises he showed me i had never done before and it makes sense given that he has an honours degree in high performance sports science and a masters in ports management. Dude knows his stuff.

Right now back to my challenge. The initial few weeks with Marcel were mainly rehabilitation to sort out my injury. Mostly stretching exercises and isolating the muscles around my hips. As soon as i felt comfortable we moved onto strength training including legs which i had neglected for years.

Prior to that Marcel took some basic measurements and don’t laugh, but they looked like so. The RM is a one rep max. I weighed in at 74kgs.

personal trainer start stats

In my defence i was still slightly injured. *cough*

I’ve now just finished with the initial strength training and started moderate high intensity interval training. At least that’s what Marcel tells me. Already nearly vomited twice. Havn’t yet focused on diet as such, but will get there. I’ll update as i go along and hopefully in a few months time i can halve my body fat percentage.

For more info on Marcel check out his website HERE . His blog has some rad fitness tips and info.

And if you wanna go check out the great set up they have at OneUp Cape Town lifestyle gym then HERE.

Will post a before pic in the next update.

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