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Sending someone this text will cause their iPhone to crash [fix]
Posted by on May 27th, 2015

Dick move of the day belongs to the person who figured out that a certain string of text sent to someone with an iPhone via SMS will cause the device to crash and reboot. The bug was posted online yesterday and is doing the rounds today with Apple yet to provide an official fix. I tested it on my mate Niki and yes it does work…his reply was ‘your vagina’. Sorry Niki.

I’m not gonna give you the actual exact text you have to send, but it looks like this.

iphone text bugGood luck trying to recreate that without Googling the precise text.

Apparently the iPhone tries to process the text as a banner notification and can’t then crashes. Like a tech brain fart.

Now here’s how you fix it. Try anyone of the following.

  • ask the sender to send a follow up text
  • if you used the Messages app to open the text then reopen the conversation and reply to the message
  • if you opened it in the conversation list view then send yourself a message via Siri…tell Siri to ‘send a message to myself’ then say anything

Apple is aware of the bug and i’ll let you know when they patch it.

Until then hundreds of ex-girlfriends will be crashing the iPhones of the dude who cheated on them.

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