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Self-braking demo fails badly as Volvo hits volunteer [video]
Posted by on May 27th, 2015

Cars are getting smarter by the day and we’ve already got self-parking cars, in-car internet, automatic switch off/on at traffic lights and even self-driving cars. There’s also auto-braking where cars automatically stop when they detect another car or person ahead that it will collide with. Modern Volvo’s have this autonomous technology and it’s a nifty trick to show your mates…except when you use one of them as a test dummy and forget to turn on the auto-braking mode. Enter this demo in the Dominican Republic where someone wanted to show how well the self-braking tech works…except it didn’t.

volvo fail

Please admire the confidence of the dude in the pink shirt who has his hands in his pockets until he realises that sh*t isn’t going as intended.

Sorry i know it’s mean to laugh, but that was outstanding.

Apparently the dude is ok.

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