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US hunter paid R4.1 million to kill a black rhino in Southern Africa [pic + video]
Posted by on May 21st, 2015

A hunter from Texas has controversially killed a black rhino that he bid R4.1 million for. Corey Knowlton made headlines in January 2014 when he bid $350 000 for the permit to shoot the critically endangered black rhinoceros and on Monday he killed it in Nambia. The hunt was heavily criticised and he even recieved death threats, but Knowlton invited CNN along to document the shooting and explain his side of the story…that he killed it out of love to prevent the extinction of the species and that the money he paid helps anti-poaching measures.

black rhino

Dude paid R4 million to shoot a rhino, but can’t afford a new cap. Come now guy.

Here’s footage from the CNN camera crew who followed and interviewed him. You can’t actually see the the rhino getting shot for you sensitive viewers.

There are still critics who think there are other ways to protect the species. Namibia sells five licences a year to kill old non-breeding rhinos. The funds raised from the auctions are used for conservation and the battle against poaching.

To see how the whole unt was documented on CNN click HERE.

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