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Another SA petrol price increase expected in June 2015
Posted by on May 20th, 2015

The price of petrol in SA is set to increase yet again at the beginning of June. The AA predicts that the petrol price will go up by around 50 cents next month. I havn’t done the math, but took a look back at prices over the last 6 months and remember when everyone was so stoked that the price of petrol went down in September 2014. It was at R14.33 a litre in August and then we all rejoiced when it dropped month after month to it’s lowest in February at R10.31/l. Then it started going up again. It’s expected to go up by 48 – 52 cents per litre in June which will put the price around the R13.40/l mark. These are the inland prices by the way.

So obviously this pic makes a return.

Accroding to the AA the increase is due to a rise in international petroleum prices.

“Despite the relative stability of the Rand/US dollar exchange rate, the basic fuel price has been driven upwards by increases in international petroleum prices,” the AA said. “Although some price stability has been evident in recent days, a substantial appreciation in either the exchange rate or international pricing would be needed maintain the current fuel price come month end,” it said.” [Business Tech]

Now you know.

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